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Who is Etc?

Group of people with experience in tourism acquired over the years in many different fields. We have a rich knowledge in receptive tourism and the chartering business.
About Croatia
In Croatia the Mediterranean, the mountains and the Pannonian plains come together in a unique harmony of natural beauty within just a little more than a hundred kilometres.


Marmont Hotel was named after Napoleon´s commander, marshal Auguste Frédéric de Marmont, who first began building roads in Dalmatia in the early 19th century. That fact so deeply impressed the people that they passed on from generation to generation the story of this French general. It is said: "Marmont mounted a horse and said: 'Let the road come to be!' When he dismounted the horse, the roads were already finished."

Marmont Hotel is situated right in the heart of the old vibrant city, inside the walls of the Diocletian Palace which has been declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. That is one of the reasons why the hotel is an extremely appealing place for all who want to be inspired by the Mediterranean spirit and to sense the rhythm of life in the city of Split.

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Udruga hrvatskih putničkih agencija
Association of Croatian Travel Agencies