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Who is Etc?

Group of people with experience in tourism acquired over the years in many different fields. We have a rich knowledge in receptive tourism and the chartering business.
About Croatia
In Croatia the Mediterranean, the mountains and the Pannonian plains come together in a unique harmony of natural beauty within just a little more than a hundred kilometres.

Luxury hotels

Experience a heaven for all senses in Croatia's luxury hotels. Situated in the most significant cities and yet a great escape from the everyday rush. You can relax just enjoying the beautiful sea views from the balcony that make your breath stop, or maybe in one of their wellness centers. 

Hotel BELLEVUEHotel CAVTATHotel Meridien

If you don't perceive your vacation as just lying and doing nothing there are many great spots to investigate and find some new inspiration. These hotels offer you your little piece of paradise amidst the hustle and entertainments of the big towns, or right next to the sea shores. Get washed away by memories you will not easily let go off…

List of luxury hotels

wellness centers beautiful sea views luxury hotels luxury vacation croatia

Udruga hrvatskih putničkih agencija
Association of Croatian Travel Agencies